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                     We are more then just Consulting, we are YOUR Partner in China

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Stamping - Bending

Clamping rings

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Alu- Zinc Casting

How AC Consulting can help me here?

What Service you can offier?

Why shouild i use a outsourcing company?

What Technologiers AC Consulting can cover?

What is your Competence?

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Sourcing Agent China  | Outsourcing in China

Do you have already experiance in China or wanted to start with Souring in China?

How is your Experiance with tha? / Did you face some difficulties? / Already stopped again?

Facng problems with languange ?

Was the time difference a issue for you?

Are you worry that maybe one delivery will arrive and the quality is not good?

This all cost time and money, so who will take care of it?

What happen if the goods arrive and the quality is not ok, the supplier will take care of it?

Do i get a quick replacment of the goods from my supplier or how we can solve this?

Many Questions arrise when it comes to Sourcing in china but dont worry, AC can help you

We work for you as a China sourcing. Agent, Representative, or. Independent Contractor

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